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Is your GPS “Recalculating"

We come into the world fragile and dependent. Family will care for us until we gather the strength to gain our feet and set out on life’s ever shifting dunes.

We’ll seek and cultivate new friendships, then nurture the relationships which enhance each stride of our shared our time.

We’ll abandon our map, ignore the GPS, and allow experience to kick open the gateway to abundant joy. Gained wisdom will encourage a change in footwear. We’ll pull on the appropriate shoes to increase traction, add style, or amplify our comfort.

There’ll be detours, short cuts, side roads, and scenic routes. There’ll be expressways for dream chasing, and stretches of turnpike where tolls will prove too costly.

We’ll find a bench…sit…and learn to adjust our swiftness.

The eagerness of youth will yield to the keenness of calculated comfort and cruise control. The souls we treasure beyond tally will surround us in moments of celebration, and provide a blanket of loving support when navigation becomes tricky. We’ll offer, reach for, and grasp, a hand to tentatively move forward at the measured pace of healing.

There’ll be a myriad of hellos and final farewells leaving us to embrace a few paces of solitude.

We’ll walk on…breathe deep…and discover the joy of being still.

Removing our shoes, we’ll tackle the journeys final leg- enjoying a leisurely, existence savoring, stroll, leaving only footprints to mark our legacy.

So why in the middle of our expedition do we ignore the whisper from our inner genius?

Her intuitive nudge to follow our passion, or pursue unchartered pathways.

What I’m learning is the longer I disregard her guidance the more boisterous she becomes. Recently she’s been bellowing “RECALCULATING”

I encourage you to pay attention to your inner genius. After all, she’s been with you every step – sneakers to stilettos. A spiked heel may boost your confidence along with your height, but when the shoes come off are your toes are pinched and blistered?

Trust your intuitive goddess… Is she offering a GPS route to your ultimate happiness?

Are her feet are tired of wearing painful shoes?

Be still… listen closely….

Is she’s yearning to guide you to your ideal fit?

…then take her shopping.

chat soon~ laura

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