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Scattering Seeds

As children seeds of opportunity float in abundance like the wishes from a dandelion.

We blow with immature lungs to scatter them, we stretch on tippy, tippy, toes to catch them once again.

Answers to questions are simple, Yes and No.

We race barefooted along gravel roads toward endless possibilities.Experience and influence shape us and we begin to form our individuality.

The road of childhood branches off and is paved with copious thrills. Opportunity takes us outside the nest and safety of home. We select a pair of sneakers and chase our dreams with reckless abandon.

We rush to grow up desperate to be ten, sixteen, longing to ‘legal’ as quickly as possible.

We face each fork in the road with hands fisted on hips and search the internet for GPS coordinates to obtain the fastest and least expensive route.

The joys of childhood have set a high bar of expectation.

TRUTH : unless you remain and infant, it’s unreasonable to expect the world to cater to your whims and guarantee your personal joyful journey through life.

Our free spirited awareness shifts. Our viewpoints become affected by worldly interactions influencing our outlook.

Consequence enters the picture and tantrums are no longer an acceptable form of expressing personal dissatisfaction.

The dynamic of choosing is forever changed.Our simple yes or no answers become qualified.

“Yes… but if …” “No…. unless...” “Well maybe… or maybe not.”

Our roads begin to resemble a high speed, multi-lane, interstate.

Exchanging our running shoes for motorized roller blades, we chase the timeline bobbing overhead to reach objectives, personal and professional. ~career path secure by twenty-three or I lack ambition, married by twenty-five or I’m unlovable, babies by thirty or my ovaries will shrivel up, better hurry and get promoted or married before I roll down the opposite side of the proverbial aged hill of forty.

We form alliances outside of family, collecting friendships based on geography, zip code, activity, and employment.

Some friendships fit like an over sized sweatshirt, others are uncomfortable and squeeze like a pair of skinny jeans, but we continue to wear them for fashion or convenience.

We trip and fall adding hurt and vulnerability to our lessons.

Our open tender palms of childhood get scratched and scraped. We learn to be cautions and guarded. We forgo the rollerblades and pull on sturdy knee high, steel toed, leather boots and become skilled at protecting our soft spots.

In my teens I was swept along as the course was determined by others.

I developed a hardy resolve and cut a narrow road through the four lanes of high-speed traffic.

Restless and reckless, I traveled north in the south bound lane on purpose, entered the GPS co-ordinates to Happy Life, and adjusted for maximum velocity.

Traveling at warp speed leaves little room for indulging our imagination.

I lost sight of simplicity.

Box checking frowns upon indulgence in whimsy, and enchantment tends to draw glances of disapproval from the “wiser” residing in the grown up world.

I’d forgotten my fearless childhood self. She would leap then look. My new practice had become look forever and analyze so long I’d never leap.~ I mean for heaven sake, I might break a hip.

I honed my skills to avoid trouble, and refined my ability to navigate obstacles.

I erected sturdy walls and was very happy to stay tucked safe inside my citadel of controlled opportunity.

TRUTH: Regardless of the road we choose to race along, life’s roadblocks will arise. Despite fine engineering and calculated risk management outside forces will erode our walls of protection.

Disappointment, adversity, elation, and anguish will require us to reroute or regroup.

Wonderful news! The seeds of joyful opportunity and abundance are all around us.

TRUTH: It takes little effort for a weed to sprout.

One of my favorite flowers, the thistle, grows in the summertime meadows near my home. Many people view this thorny nuisance as an unwelcome guest in their flowerbed.

Where they see an energetic annoying weed, I see a hearty voracious beauty.

“The things within the things is endless....see the simple, appreciate the complexity.” ~Unknown

Charlotte, a character in Sex in the City, was asked if she’s happy every day.

“Yes,” she answered. “Not all day every day, but yes. I’m happy every day.”

Charlotte sees the beauty among the thorns. She sees highlights within the moments.

It’s been a year since I embarked on bringing my attention back to the girl I used to be.

In talking with the women in my life, I was assured to discover I wasn’t alone.

Our boxes are checked yet the desire to be delighted in the simplest of ways feels just out of reach...but is it?

“The things within the things...” are patiently waiting for you to pull off your boots, un-strap your rollerblades, or unlace your sneakers.

Wiggle your toes~ even if arthritis makes you grimace~ and race with life toughened soles along the gravel road.

Like sun streaming through the clouds following a nasty storm, perception provides the possibly to paint a vivid rainbow and offer a glimpse of wonder.

Choose to extend a spotlight over your drenched, weary, world.

See “the things within the things” and appreciate the vibrancy of color and richness before it fades.

Chat soon ~Laura

*This is an extension of Awakening Goddess Retreats "Happiness is a Decision not a Destination", 2015*

#growththroughsharing ~ help spread Laura's vision by passing this post on to the women in your life.

Continue the conversation by commenting below or send Laura a private email~


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