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The Expedition of Womanhood

The expedition of womanhood...and make no mistake it is and expedition.

You'll need Gear...lots and lots of Gear.

Supplies, rationing, sunscreen, emergency bandages, and antibacterial...

Your physical and emotional limits will be tested.

There will be tears...lots of them, so add tissues to the list.

Tears of Joy, Pain, Sorrow, and Suffering. Tears of Delight, Wonder, and Possibility.

There will be shock and awe.

The spectrum of everything and anything can and will occur.

Life will throw it all because it can and we'll endure because we are designed to.

Here's the great news... your footprints are not the first on the soil. You're not the only traveler on the road, swimming the depths, or scaling the mountain.

The path is yours to choose... as is the side road, scenic route, every wrong and dead-end between now and until...

Yours to choose... We'll make and take all of them given enough time.

Every step, even those leading across unstable soil, jagged rocks, or canyon depths are essential parts of our Becoming...

Nothing is out of reach and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, you need is within you...

Truly already packed....on the inside.

Awesome? Heck Yeah, it's awesome!

We're all in the process of Becoming... the BIG MESSY CAN'T FIND THE TOP OF MY KITCHEN TABLE process of Becoming...and together we'll get there missteps and all.

From today...Until...share the road with others,

wander off and explore,

settle into your stillness....and check your inner compass regularly.

She knows where she's going. She knows...and she'd be thrilled to show you the path...

Enjoy every step of your Becoming.

~chat soon, Laura

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We're in it together and we're all in the process of Becoming.

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