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Create Space, Remove Your Bunnies

Following and indulgent decade of More and Mine and Bigger is Better, we’ve buried ourselves and we're suffocating in stuff.

We’ve learned More is heavy and encumbering.

We’ve learned More doesn’t fix heartache or fill a void.

We’ve learned Stuff for Stuff’s sake is still just Stuff.

We've entered a revolution of downsizing. We’re getting creative with cooking and loving the simple fact that DIY projects aren't graded.

Creating Space, "Clearing" the New Agers call it.

We’re Renovating, Refurbishing and Opening space for a life of MORE...


That’s the sticky...More What exactly?

More What eludes us or shifts with the breeze of our indecision.

Memories, fond and torturous, complicate our clutter even further. A first love, a broken heart, an uplift of spirit, a brutal heartache. Missed opportunities and poor decisions.

Fancy or plain our More What is unique to each of us. But our individualized goal is the same at the root... Happiness.

More What makes us happy. It changes and grows right along with us and like the horizon is always waiting for our gaze, we've just piled a bunch of Life Laundry in our sight-line.

We must clear out the clutter and get ourselves pointed in a better direction.

“Make Happiness your true North,” Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Misery is a brutal compass.”

I love to purge. I have little emotional attachment to things. But somehow in the last decade raising a family, building a business, gaining and losing and gaining the same thirty pounds again and again, I’ve been too busy, tired, or under motivated to purge.

My piles have piles and like bunnies making more bunnies, my piles have given birth at an alarming rate and I'm no longer able to find suitable homes and am becoming overrun by my bunnies.

This creates a buffet of delicious chaos for the WIOH (witch in our head) She consumes the bunnies and tosses the mess in my face. An endless shame meal for her to feed upon and regurgitate. "You stink at housekeeping.” “How hard is it file paperwork or pay a bill.” “The dryer buzzed again are you gonna get the laundry so your children aren’t’ the wrinkled ones on the bus.”

...yeah like that’s the end of the world. Wrinkled teenage boys....shocking.

But then the day arrived... the WIOH had done her job well, and I sat in therapy and said out loud “I look at the dust along the baseboards but don’t do anything about it."

The marvel of collected dog hair and dirt particles...yep... my WIOH takes a seat on my shoulder..."Seriously Laura, you own a would take seconds to tidy this mess."

I’m not a fan of being told what to do. In fact I’ll do the opposite before I lift a finger even when the bully is me, talking to me, about me...yeah, I’m obstinate like that.

When I decided to embark on the clean up and eliminate, season of my life I envisioned the free space on a Bingo card. I marked the block in the center of my living space and claimed it as MINE.

A Simple, Basic act of Claiming the space we're all given upon our first breath.

Anything can happen in this space of beauty and possibility. But it can’t happen if the space is full of paper, dog hair, clothes that don’t fit, or working-on-occasion pens and markers. PURGE.....Get after it.

You have a compass to set and a horizon of hopeful happiness to seek.

Set your True North and be prepared to be delighted.

Now let’s be honest, emptying a drawer, or a closet, or clearing off the table is a tangible sort, dump, toss or donate process which is much easier then tackling of emotional “Stuff”.

Our heaviest clutter hides in every drawer, shoved to the back. Out of sight but not forgotten and FEELS so big and difficult.

Your WIOH will attempt to convince you to hold on forever like a box of skinny pants.... Friendly reminder, you shouldn’t have hips like a fifteen year old, you’re a woman.

But here’s what I’m learning...Forgiveness... is the key to opening the flood gates holding back tons of goodness wanting to rush forward in a surge of possibility and growing happiness.

All hurts little and big must be lifted from their hiding places with gentle fingers and be removed from every crevasse of your being.

Use small, careful, safe, leading-with-love moves to claim the Free Space of your one extraordinary life.

I say yes...YES to a spillway of goodness, a manageable flow I can savor. A toes up inner-tube float, slathered in protective SPF, with a cool drink in hand, going where the current takes me...Ahhh....

That’s life's real magic anyway.

Stop directing and enjoy the ride...Allow the current to initiate the navigation of the rocks, rapids, shallows, and depths...

Float it out and when you encounter another block, clear it away, make room, claim your FREE space then fill up on the Abundance of intangible JOY.

Life is asking to be FULL not cluttered or hectic....

My Friend Nikki a business owner, home Engineer aka wife and mother and so much more, claims even the language in her life. By all accounts BUSY Nikki chooses to say she’s Living FULL.

I Love That...even something as simple as the words we choose can Clear our Clutter and help us claim our FREE space.

So let’s get after it... let's remove the multiplying bunnies cluttering our life.

When Opportunity knocks on my door I want to welcome her in for tea and berries. It would be really great if we could sit at the kitchen table and linger...but first I'll need to find the table...

One stack of bunnies at a time...

Chat Soon~ Laura

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