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Tether-ball Living

I loved playing tether ball as a child. I’d grab the corded ball and raced to the pole to

whack and whack. I enjoyed the circles and speed as the ball was captured and released against the pole.

But as I've grown older I've stopped looking forward to recess. I’ve begun to feel the strings of living life tethering me to an invisible stationary pole.

I’m tired of the circles and the whacking and am beginning to think it may be in my best interest to skip recess for the rest of my life.

But I’m learning the power is in the choosing, and the choice is mine.

What to play, How to play, Who I choose to play with...

My choice.

But first I must see the strings tethering me. Ties form my head, heart and belly...then I must look to my own hands. My fingers white from strain gripping things better released... and the strings I’m holding tightly.

Then in my own time, when I’m ready, I can decide to cut the ties holding me still or pulling off center.

I can choose to release my grip....let go and find my feet.

And so can you....

Release and relinquish situations, relationships, and patterns of behavior which hold you captive to the spinning in circles so you may dance.

Dance in rippling circles of wonder untethered and expanding across the vast pool of life, growing, growing, growing... Becoming all you are designed to be.

We absolutely can...

When we are ready,

in our own time,

under our own powerful choosing...

Snip and release the strings tying the ball and although this particular game will end, we are now free to carry the sphere of joy into another circle and begin again.

Nervous, excited, and fortified with our newly earned perspective on the ever-changing rules of living life we joyfully attend recess once again.

We choose our team and connect with people who encourage and enrich all we’re Becoming.

We play on with kindness, compassion, gratitude, and joy.

We play on with smiles and laughter and hugs and support.

We play on with encouragement and gentleness and celebration.

We Play On With Love.

Big buckets of love for you and for everyone in the game...even the grumpy’s who often seem intent on spoiling the fun...especially for the grumpy’s.

The recess of living life... Beginning and ending, Beginning and ending, Beginning again...

We enjoy playing after all, and are most enthusiastic and determined to seek new outcomes.

The match you're playing may stretch for hours... you’ll beg the sun to slow its decent and pull the car toward the playing field drawing out each moment in the beams from headlights.

The game may be called for a storm of life... gusting winds and damaging hail, streaks of lightning, and powerful thunder, illness, estrangement, job loss, unsuccessful relationships.

Tethers will form again. Tying you to new situations, patterns of behavior, or relationships and round and round the pole you’ll go.

All things that Mean Anything leave a mark on who we are Becoming.


When a rogue wave attacks and you're spiraling round and round the pole until the string draws tight and wearily unravels...

you're free for a breath until the whack of living sends you flying to spin dizzying circles 'till the rope synches taunt again....

Hold on until...

Until you are ready...

In your own time, when you're ready, decide to cut the ties holding you still or pulling you off center.

Choose to release your grip....let go and find your feet.

Steady and standing...Snip the Cord...

Pick up your ball and Play on.

Wander toward another diamond of dirt or field of grass...

Play on, dear one...Play On.

Chat soon ~ Laura

We're in it together and we're all in the process of Becoming the best we can Be.

Comment below or email - #growthrusharing

Meet me on FBook- AGR Hen House for enrichment and LIVE connection Sunday evening 7:45 PM EST

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