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Every Day Do Something that Scares You...NOPE

A friend offered me an encouragement this week. "Every day do something that scares you."


I’d rather not.

When we’re young, little thing frighten us, noises in a dark room, insects, large animals.

As we grow the circle expands and we discover the difference between excitement and scared.

Riding the confidence of early adulthood, the worldwide internet adjusts the bar again and delivers global horror into the palm of our hand before the dust has had a chance to settle.

Do something that scares you every day? Scares?

Is this another thing the world at large insists I MUST do?

I’m frightened enough on my own.

Fear conquering is LOW on my list and if it’s all the same to you, I’d really rather not.

When I finished reacting to my friend's statement, I took a breath and realized it truly was her word choice.

I love words... colorful, inflammatory, provoking...

but the language we choose can also stifle our ability or motivation to seek, learn, engage, or overcome the obstacles in our day to day living.

Choosing a word that resonates with you is vital.

Choose on purpose a word to bolster and motivate... consonants and vowels which inspire and encourage, a syllable to spark and ignite a flame that becomes a roaring fire beneath your one beautiful life.

It’s our story to write and we have the power to select every word.

Every day do something that ___ you.

Action, Experience, Big Love, a Surging Climax and a Peaceful Resolution.

A story layered with joy, happiness, hope, and sorrow ~ the true measure of abundant love.

We'll stand atop a podium. We'll endure trials. We'll seek quiet corners and reach for the oxygen mask and recover with slow deep breaths.

I like the quiet corners. Weepy and weary, I pull the shades, latch the shutters, and turtle into the safety of my shell.

Peace and stillness is good stuff.

I enjoy turtle-ing so much at times I’m tempted to overstay my recovery.

Not hiding from the world in all areas of life...situational areas of protection, a difficult relationship, circumstance, or cultural blanket bomb of global horror overlayed with ugly tones, opinions, and speculation.

“Scared” Keeps me in.

Turtle-ing...Ahhhhh....Cozy, Controlled, Still, Silent...Safe.

Am I Safe?

That's the true root for me, Am I Safe?

The turtle must become brave, daring, courageous, to poke out her head.

Every day do something that___ you?

I don’t get excited to invite nervous, worried, or terrified...

Change the word...What word encourages you out of your shell?

No test, quiz, red pen correction, pass, or fail...and the bonus point ~on the final exam we aren’t taking~ is the discovery of unexpected goodness.

An opportunity to be Surprised and Delighted with Ourselves.

But even better we’ll meet others who are sticking their heads and Me-too-ing in the very same moment.

Last week I walked into Aerial yoga...a silk hammock attached to the ceiling with bolts and cables...

An hour of swimming on dry land.

Trust, worry, fear.... creaking cables... Am I Safe?

Safe to be vulnerable walking into the classroom, let alone flipping upside down like a nine year old on the monkey bars?

The room was filled with others Me-too-ing.

Together we embraced an hour of laughter, giggles, and a bit of profanity!

Uneasy...not scared.

Nervous...not scared.

Encouraged...not scared.

Inspired...not scared. very, very, safe.

Safe to embrace the opportunity for authentic connection, open to vulnerability, and free to discover the possibility in the moment.

Discover your word or words.

Every Day Do something that ____ YOU!

Chat soon ~ Laura

We're in it together and we're all in the process of Becoming the best we can Be.

Comment below or email - #growthrusharing

Meet me on FBook- AGR Hen House for enrichment and LIVE connection Sunday evening 7:45 PM EST

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