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Cheers to Chocolate

Conversations from behind the hydraulic chair...

While clients are processing I offer coffee, tea, or water in addition to a sweet treat from the vintage candy dish in the waiting room.

Today MaryAnn said she'd enjoy a few pieces of chocolate and a glass of water.

I returned with an assortment of Hershey's minis... options ♡.

I left to fold some towels and returned a few moments later. We enjoyed our conversation until the timer ding-ding-ding announced it was time for shampooing :)

I finished triming and styling then noticed the neatly folded wrappers on the counter beside three untouched pieces of chocolate.

"You're so disciplined," I said to MaryAnn. "You only ate three pieces of chocolate."

Merriment danced in her eyes, "... that's cause I can't reach them."

Such goodness ♡

Chat soon ~ Laura

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