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Prep Work and Over “Geared”

Ready? Set?

…hang on a moment.

Kohls clearance curtains started this mess. Yards of fabric pattered with cheerfulness led to a recliner purchase, followed by a frenzied hardware dash for necessary GEAR... rolls of plastic, stirring sticks, tape, and gadgets to insure paint was placed on the walls not the ceiling and floor.

Big dollars later, I rolled the cart across the parking lot and hoisted four gallons of paint into the back seat of my car. FOUR... sounds excessive even to my ears, but I anticipated difficultly covering the terracotta color already on the living room walls.

Over Geared… a common thread of womanhood...join the gym buy the gear ~sneakers, support clothing, socks (because THESE socks are made with “gym” worthy, melt your cellulite, tighten your tush, magic cotton), a bag to carry it all as if the GEAR guarantees you'll wake early and float on winged strides to the facility.

Gear, check. On to the prep work for actual painting... tedious and messy. Cleaning... remove window dressings, dust, vacuum, wash walls, repair nail and impact holes, sand, vacuum, dust again…

In the process, I learn things about myself... I pinch a layer of felted dust and deposit the remarkable sheet into the trash.

Note to self:

Moving forward, horizontal surfaces should be limited. Instantly I release the burdening weight of retaining collections... Downsize, Streamline, Simplify…

Let it go...

Weary, my vulnerability enters and begins questioning my color choice. Gallons of cheerful blue.

Wavering unease is overridden as reinforcements arrive. AKA~ well meaning encouragers of varied skill and energy levels.

By this season of life I understand waves of support come and go so I don’t fight but ride it out like a moving current and lift of sea.

In the end, covering over the old takes less effort and time then my years of procrastination. ( I purchased the paint in 2016.)

“We do all things as we do all things.” Truth.

Tedious and am I.

I’m a messy Woman in progress.

Transformation of self is the same. Take a moment to consider areas of your life where Prep Work and Over Gearing are adding worry, anxiety, stress, and stealing your joy.

Plan to shift, prepare to shift, procrastinatethe shift... Gear or no gear decide you're worth the effort of beginning.

Mess is inevitable…

We are women in progress and We are Becoming.

Invite the shift with a smiling heart because discovery is hidden in the effort and healing is hiding in the tidy.

Gear up if you must but Buy the Paint and Dig in.

Tidy, dust, vacuum, purge, spackle, sand... whatever your individualized step ONE is.

Decide in this moment You are doing it…even if the process takes a long, long, time.

Truth~ I’ve been skirting the edges of my personal start line for decades…but there’s good news, I’m ready.

I’ve gathered the right “gear” for me, two things: Helpful encouragers and A willingness to get messy.

Are you ready to gear up?

Are you willing to get messy?

I encourage you to join me in the process of Becoming all you are designed to Be.

Let's do this.....

Chat soon~ Laura

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