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Until recently... notebooks discovered among the boxes in the attic of my childhood home in York, PA.  Letters, poetry, and songs, handwritten and dated summer of 1985.


A child of the 70’s, a generation preceding cable TV and the Internet, I was blissfully unaware and naïve in the best of ways. I walked summertime meadows snipping wildflowers to fill the kettle on the cold woodstove. I sang to the minnows while fishing and danced from the chicken coop to the concrete bridge spanning the creek. I played marathon games of Monopoly with my siblings and took leisurely bike rides to nowhere.

A family of many talented crafters, woodcarving, needlework, painting, sewing, crochet, I learned art in any form was to be seen and celebrated.


I often created with words but never viewed my writings as anything more than enjoyable personal expression. I purged my teenage angst riding the highs and lows on the tip of a ballpoint pen. I developed a keen sense of humor and learned early to find levity in every situation because, frankly, life’s too hard not to laugh.


Life led me to cosmetology school. My hairstyling profession developed into salon ownership and entertaining behind the chair in my York, Pa., salon became part of my signature service.


Storytelling to a captive audience for over 25 years. My clients have become cherished friends. We’ve grown up together, marriages, births, loss, careers, job changes, new homes. I’ve held wriggling newborns and later attended their commencements ceremonies.


Along the way, I became a reader but never considered writing until my brother said, “You should write.” He’s wise — and older than me — so the transition from telling to writing began. 

At a young age I developed a keen sense of humor and learned to find levity in every situation because, frankly, life's too hard not to laugh.

A writer
then, a
writer again

When asked if I’ve always been a writer my answer time and again has been NO.


By Laura Rudacille

Laura Rudacille wasn't always an author or a leader of inspirational retreats for women. But after years of working in her York, Pa., salon and finally listening to her brother's advice, Laura started writing the stories she heard and shared while working on her clients' hair. 

Demi Stevens interviews author Laura Rudacille.

'A peaceful, soul-centering comfort'


It took five years but my fingers sought a rhythm and my heart was full once more. 


Writing was like returning to the meadow to stroll in the tall grass. A peaceful, soul-centering comfort which drives me to connect through writing as I have with my clients in the salon.


My passion for writing boxed up and placed in the attic decades before.


Forgotten notebooks. Treasures kept safe by cardboard and time. 


A writer then, a writer again.


Expanding my passion to include Awakening Goddess Retreats that focus on women’s inspirational fellowship is not unlike a choosing a new hairstyle.


A new frame of mind can make you feel instantly better. Shifting your focus is like shifting your part or blending your gray — it’s subtle. Choosing to implement intentional positive thinking is a bold streak of color. 


It shows and sparks a contagious feeling to those around you. 


What a lovely thing to pass on.

A new frame of mind can make you feel instantly better.

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