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Laura Rudacille is an author who has published four books and is also the leader of Awakening Goddess Retreats for women.

Connection and Community Makes the Difference.

Enrichment for women


"When women come together, beautiful things happen."


Laura is an author and advocate for community connection. Her passion extends beyond the written page to in-person presentations, workshops, and retreats. Through candid humor, raw truth, and thought provoking insight healing doors open and impactful change begins.

"At any moment a decision can be made to shift your thoughts, words, and actions beginning a ripple of goodness with impacts beyond measure." ~ Laura Rudacille


'In Good Company' is born from a simple premise: growth-through-sharing. Laura's mission is to create an environment where women connect and gain the encouragement needed to live a vibrant and empowered long life, while instilling the importance of prioritizing personal happiness.


Join the conversation on Facebook ~ The Hen House (Laura's private group for women) Tune in Sunday evening LIVE at 7:45 for Conversation Over the Cup.


To book an enrichment workshop, group retreat, or to schedule your deep dive personal clarity session, email Laura at


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