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Books by Laura Rudacille


Novelist and salon owner Laura Rudacille enjoys the fresh inspiration seated in her hydraulic chair every 30 minutes.


"Writing fiction is like naturally curly hair on a humid day — delightfully spirited and unpredictably wild. I love it!"


Managing life through laughter is the heart of her first novel "Here's the Thing..."  (think Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Somethings Gotta Give) This multi-generational thrill ride delivers laugh out loud antics with a side of family devotion.


Always on the lookout for her next muse, a vacation to Chincoteague VA to view the wild ponies inspired the tickle which became Laura's tender romantic series, Saltwater Cowboy, Late to Breakfast and Catching Stars.


Decades of working with women of varied ages opened Laura's eyes to the prize waiting at sixty, at seventy, and far beyond. This spark ignited and became the inspirational celebration of friendship, Invisible Woman.


What began began as a fun venture but revealed a thrilling new passion.


"I never thought I'd be a hairstylist who'd written a book, but now I dream of becoming a novelist who used to cut hair!" LR

Laura Rudacille Late to Breakfast
Laura Rudacille amazon

Tory Keen’s all-work-and-no-play reputation is jeopardized when repeated encounters with a handsome mystery man entice her to strike a balance between the infinite duties of her Montana ranch, and the pursuit of a few carefree hours. Will a nudge from her best friend be enough to have Tory tipping the scales? Can she afford to risk her heart?
Avery Rush’s veterinary internship is ending and he’s desperate to steal more time uncovering the complexities of ranch owner and reputed animal advocate, Tory Keen. Torn between the future he’s always coveted, and a life he’d never thought possible, Avery must mind his step or risk falling…

Laura Rudacille Invisable Woman

Following a lengthy illness, Jillian decides to reclaim her zest for living life. She signs up for the Awakening Goddess Retreat and drags her two best friends with her.

Laughter, tears, and fabulous cocktails propel them beyond invisible women  and together they learn that fulfillment is a rite of passage which arrives through the trials and triumphs of life.

 Invisible Woman teases forgotten passions and reignites possibility while suggesting that a change in perspective can reveal the true vitality buried inside every woman.

Laura Rudacille amazon

Catching Stars 

Lindy Colton has little choice but to grow up fast after her abusive father abandons her and her mother. Devoted friendships bolster healing and Lindy's talent and passion for creating with clay is revealed. Determined to put her past behind her Lindy dreams big and when an invitation to attend the New York Academy for the Arts arrives, she grips the opportunity life a shooting star. Life takes a sudden turn Lindy and returns to Chincoteague VA. Struggling to balance the life she's know and the dream she's barely tasted Lindy must decide who, what, and where to call home.

Laura Rudacille signed book

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"Inspiring and motivational - a book that most, if not all, women can relate to at some point in their lives. I recommend it to women of all ages!"

— A. L. Dietz,  review of "Invisible Woman"

"Loved curling up
with this book over
the holidays. I want to live in the cottage .... Rudacille makes me feel like I am there. She leaves me
wanting more with every page I turn."

— toni,  review of "Late to Breakfast"

Laura Rudacille Saltwater Cowboy

Book one in the sweet romantic series~ Saltwater Cowboy~ more than sand shifts beneath Murphy Keen's cowboy boots when he meets Jess, an island naturalist, during the Wild Pony Penning on Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

Laura Rudacille amazon
Laura Rudacille Here's the Thing

"Here's the Thing..." ~ humorous fiction~ A thrill ride of delightfully destructive mishaps overtakes a family wedding weekend where the only life preserver 'for better or for worse' is bloodline.

Laura Rudacille amazon

Books by Teague Rudacille

 Smythers and the Night before Christmas was a story Teague began telling at bedtime when he was seven. Mom (Laura) decided to write it down! One kitten became two, as felines often do, and Smythers and the Restless Night is now available for young readers to enjoy.

Teague Rudacille Smythers and the Night Before Christmas

Smythers the cat is tempted by Santa's milk and cookies.

Relatable and Inspiring
Fiction for Women

Teague Rudacille Smythers and the Restless Night

The sky was dark, the stars were bright. Smythers the cat leapt to his bed for a peaceful night... but will he EVER be able to get to sleep?

Demi Stevens interviews author Teague Rudacille, Laura's youngest son.

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