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"I'm not organized" & Other Lies

Welcome to 2016 and an opportunity to be delighted at every moment!

“Possibilities are my Favorite” my go-to phrase and they truly are.

It's been a year since I grabbed my slumbering inner Goddess and gave her a firm shake. ~ Wake up chic you got some living to do!

Truth: I’ve enjoyed growing up. I had a plan. Graduation led to vocation, which led to marriage, children, advancements in career and down the line.

My ideals and conclusions were envisioned during my youth when I knew everything. Little boxes earned X’s and new goals were created but the real truth was my model was flawed.

A trajectory without the wisdom earned from living life.

Unknowingly my course was swift and efficient, yet I was astonished when I arrived at my destination, midlife, and discovered a land rich in frustration rather than fulfillment.

Midlife – a period of turmoil when an unsettling shift flutters in a women’s belly which has nothing to do with hormones.

A time when a mother finds herself in a bathroom alone for the first time in decade. A peaceful moment which has her reaching for the vanity door and surveying the dust covered collection of bath time luxuries and thinking,

“What is the shelf life of fragranced enhanced seasalt?”

I love being a Mom, not that there aren’t moments which test the love.

But truth: during the nurturing years of childrearing wonderment I willingly set bits of myself aside. If only those fragments would’ve drawn blood when stepped upon like a misplaced Lego maybe I would’ve been reminded to pick them up and return them to their proper place.

But just as the minuscule pieces of plastic were easier sucked into vacuum cleaner abyss my fragments of self were misplaced.

Last year I decided it was time to unearth and reclaim the complex Lego like woman I’d been ‘Once upon a time’.

I decided to exercise intentional time and focus on ME.

To awaken dormant components of whom I was and am at the most basic level and returned to my youthful mindset.

Only this time around I’d deliberately pause to enrich my thinking with life earned wisdom.

I had to start at the beginning. I had to acknowledge where I was in this very moment.

Warning: sometimes this overwhelming honest knowledge can be disappointing. And often the first voice heard during the assessment isn’t our voice at all.

It’s our WIOH –the witch in our head.

My cranial live-in is a perky breasted, word twisting, immaculately dressed witch, who boasts an idyllic BMI, and an over whitened smile. She knows everything there is to know about everything and has a fondness for offering her two cents on a rusted platter with a side of mean.

Sound familiar?

We all have one. And regardless if your WIOH dresses in swag, yoga attire, hunting gear, or a ballroom gown, they’re all cut from the same bold colored bolt of spiteful.

As I implemented my intentional focus on ME, my WIOH willfully took aim and pointed out my vulnerabilities at every turn.

‘You’re stuck, You’ve peaked. You’re passionless and non creative. You’ve gone nowhere, and you’ve done nothing…’

And as if my WIOH’s rant wasn’t brutal enough, a quick click over to social media validated her claims showcasing the exploits of everyone in the universe Doing, Achieving, Creating.

In the beginning the only balancer for my WIOH was the shock and horror of the evening news. But my WIOH was happy to join me in the recliner and address the lack of gratitude in my personal excess, or highlight my mediocre attempts to donate food or clothing to the oppressed.


If you had friend who insisted on lying, manipulating and berating you would you continue the relationship?


Sometimes cutting the herd must start with the woman within you, your WIOH.

You have the capability during a WIOH filibuster to grab a fistful of her perfect tresses and shut her down.

Serve her an Eviction Notice

She may not continue to live rent free within the recess of your brain undermining your every move toward growth and happiness. Kick her out.

Truth: WIOH are pesky vermin who’ll interpret an eviction notice like a Pennsylvania motorist construes a yellow traffic light~ as merely a suggestion.

Give yourself a break

We’ve taken on average of 16 breaths per minute, 960 breaths an hour, on average 17,000- 23,040 breaths in a single day.

That’s a bit of work.

Most women are employed full time regardless if the paycheck is printed or fulfilled in sweat and fatigue. Many are raising a future men and women of the world while pursuing or maintaining complex, mutigenerational, personal relationships.

We handle no less than one hundred details and decisions prior to brushing our teeth, finding suitable attire, and showing up wherever we’re needed.

Thanks to technology we’re climbing into a fully automated mobile office so more crisis may be avoided in route, and every second is optimized… frequently for the benefit of someone else.

Yet “I’m not organized” is a very common frustration of mine and the women I know.

TRUTH: Every single day we prove the “I’m not organized” statement false.

The key to successfully reconnecting with you is to stick with basic truths.

TRUTH: We rarely prioritize time for what we need.

I asked a friend to write her own personal advertisement.

She wrote: 37 year old female-SEEKING- twenty minutes of uninterrupted time while listening to music of my choosing.

I’m at the front of the line when it comes to committing to making time. But I am determined to schedule me time as I would a physician’s appointment.

I may even charge myself a fee for cancelation.

I invite you to join me in simple truths and vermin eviction.

Give yourself a break and begin your day with a realistic To-DO list.


Recycle and reuse yourself. Evolve into the newest version of your most fulfilled self.

Visualize the girl you used to be…

She’s only resting.

Rouse her, Feel her stir, Give her a generous hug then shove her into the light.

We’ve got some living to do!

Chat soon~ Laura

Slow down and Savor

Make time for an intentional pause...a moment to BE present HERE and NOW

Don’t hurry to what’s next or look so far ahead you miss the beauty in front of you.

Awakening Goddess Retreats enrichment is happening everyday on Facebook

Visit Laura Rudacille, Author and request entry into AGR Hen House ~ A private FB group where women connect and share enrichment, support, and wisdom #growththroughsharing

We’re in this one life together, so why walk alone?

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