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An Acquired Skill Set

Much like my linen closet, aquiring the skill set of organized womanhood remains a challenge.

I continue to be a mass of tangled lessons learned shoved onto burdened shelves as the door is closed to conceal the chaos.

...forgive me, I've yet to swallow caffeine.

Truth...I can spend hours cleaning out, tossing, donating, and then additional time folding towels, dust cloths, and pillowcases...

more minutes of my one precious life are lost forever as I arrange stacks according to the labels scrawled on the shelves by the previous homeowner.

A system set out for order and tidiness which clearly does not work for me. (See picture below and allow your judgment to be laced with love)

The Woman in Progress is an ongoing, ever changing, transformative lesson in self-discovery.

We're never done.

Tidy one moment, tangled and worn the next.

Our Becoming is Messy...Deliciously disheveled, balled up, stuffed in, hidden behind the closet door messy!

My encouragement is....Our favorite memories don't belong neatly folded and stacked in rows.

Our greatest lessons have created wear and caused threadbare spots.

Our Joys and Abundant Love should press against the door in an attempt to spill over.

Embrace the mess!

An orderly linen closet, like my Becoming remains a work in progress and I'm better for it♡

Chat soon ~ Laura

FYI - a few simple woman in progress skill which remain a mystery...

the proper way to fold a fitted sheet and finding a bra that supports without pinching, bunching, over lifting, and basically cutting off blood supply to half my body.

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