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"When women come together beautiful things happen."~ Laura Rudacille

"Coming together" is particularly true when you're bringing together the parts of you. The woman you are in this moment, The girl you once were, and the woman you are designed to Become.

Our Full Circle Becoming offers many opportunities for our Circles get Wonky.

~circles... expanding ripples moving life forward like wheels navigating the bumps in the road. Heavy rubber tread navigates unexpected turns, climbs inclines, and picks up speed and flirts with the gravel shoulder and unexpectedly picks up speed, as we race toward bottom.

Wheels get bent. Tread wears thin, punctures, and tears....

Life impacts adjust our shape just as goodness and challenge help us grow and become.

Keep your eyes up. We all face choices but our Decisions hold the real magic for our transformative Becoming.

You have more power then you know.

It's time to visit the truth table and invite your WIOH and your SOUL Sister to come together. (Laura Lingo~ WIOH= witch in our head~ SOUL Sister= Supportive, Optimistic, Understanding, Loving Sister)

The WIOH's stories are built on past experience and protection. This expanded fiction guides our choices and keep our roads shadowed, narrow, and safe.The SOUL Sister's is a glimmer of possibility... a spark which offers options, new roads, and opportunity.

Shadows are only cast when brightness and obstacle in the same space. The Full Circle Becoming presents obstacles in thought and idea

Large shadows can be cast by tiny things and our WIOH lingo cautions....

Her verbiage is rooted in impacts from when we were young casting Big shadows.

As our SOUL sister gets brave enough the beam grows brighter and new routes are exposed.

Will you investigate?

Are the shadow stories still true for you or is it simply worry, fear, option overload or business. Do her caution riddled sentences begin with words like start can't, shouldn't, don't?

Eyes have a shadow we must also have light. Seek the light... the still small voice of knowing sewn in at birth...

and Decide.

Escaping the cycle of thinking that no longer fits your offers avenues out. A new direction or an opportunity to revisit of a forgotten road with new insight and wisdom showing the way.


Decide overcoming by seeking the goodness and light.

At the truth table it's easy to turn toward the familiar or bargain for more hours to get more things done but Why?

Life is to be enjoyed, Life is to be Enjoyed... LIFE IS TO BE ENJOYED!

Yes we are to work, we are to contribute, we are to give, but first we have to get out from underneath the pile of busy, the pile of choices, and endless options.

Decide to seek the light enrich yourself, pay it forward and enrich another. Expand your circle of hope and ripples of gratitude will continue to reach others.

Sound Good??

your light is right for you...can you see it?

Turn away from the shadows and get curious.

Your light is right for you...go after it...See the best, Seek the best...

Full Circle Womanhood.... is a bubble you are filling...filling with your breath, your life.

What's in your bubble? What are you breathing into your bubble...

Bubbles make me smile...breathe and fill it again.

Sometimes they don't float as far as you hope, sometimes they pop in the wind...sometimes situations and people come after them with a pin...

Blow more.

What’s in your love? kindness? laughter? possibility? What are you breathing in and sending out into the world?

Expands and catches the breeze and is seen. Remind yourself to fill your bubble and EYEs up to see the goodness in the bubble floating into your day’sphere..Fluid expanding moving releasing and accepting and forgiviness looking for OY ans HOP all in the light of your soul sistersRipple of kindness that drifts to others...contentment.At the truth table ...UNTILLooking for the light returning to the truth table again and again... embracing unitil... Becoming process is ongoing filling our Bubble UNITL woman in Progress We are Becoming... UNTIL Fan of connections in the minute...moment to momnet . I ant to linger and enjoy and mangable bubble that shifts and grows...UNTIL Truth table...again ad again looking for the light...shadow nee the light.... don’t focus on the shadow..Investigate and discover a new road ...SOUL sister if truth Knows.... the stillsmall voive knows. Fill your bubble

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