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Bubbles of Possibility

"This is me" a gentle voice whispers... buried beneath the roar of musts, shoulds, couldn'ts, and can'ts.

"This is me" she tries again and is met by the extreme twins - always and never.

Distracted, discouraged, weary, and wandering discovery begins...

Rediscovery to be more precise because she's been here all along.

Awakening...Forgiving, Believing, Growing

Applying wisdom, Glimpsing herself as she embraces all she's Becoming...

Listen for her, and when you hear her whisper, "This is me", say hello, welcome back, it's great to see you. ♡

"There she is" Born with everything sewn in. Perfect. Complete in every way...

Lost, Found, Transforming, Becoming...

Who you are is everything and it's more than enough.

♡Be whatever you need to be in this moment ♡

chat soon~ Laura

* image featured is the Ladies Day Out in Red Lion 2018 Stained Glass WIndow

Designed by Candi Duda ~ Candi J Duda Stained Glass and Garden Art and created with the women of Red Lion during the community enrichment day. The window will be donated to the Spring 2020 fundraising auction benefiting the York County SPCA

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