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Caution~ I'm about to get naked

“JOY is a decision, a brave one, of how you plan to respond to life.” ~unknown

If joy is the bar for keeping or tossing the clothing in my possession...

CAUTION I’m about to be naked.

The current societal trend spurred by Marie Kondo tiding system has created frenzied purging across the globe. The book, published in October of 2014, centers on a JOY metered assessment of objects and sparks opportunity for an insightful spiral of goodness...if we’re prepared to go there.

Ahead of the curve for once in my life I read the book a few years ago. At the onset my blood pressure spiked at the mere suggestion of gathering ALL and I mean EVERY article of clothing, from EVERYwhere and bringing to one space to begin. *Note~ Ms Kondo eventually writes this is not a weekend project~ something I would have preferred reading on page one.

Never the less, the movement has caught fire and if you’re raging with this particular fever don’t medicate. You will survive.

What I want to chat however about is the JOY meter beyond tangible.

Measuring with JOY invites a bigger opportunity, a BECOMING opportunity for today’s woman-in-progress.

Enjoyment has become buried within piles of obligation, success, wishes, and wants. Delight is often cast in the shadow of frustration, hurt, anger, and regret.

The measure of JOY is a basic, even simplistic, overlooked game changer.

I often say I am the “Queen of Fine”

Fine is doable. Nothing wrong with fine, unless it really means I’ve settled.

Staying in situations or relationships too long out of routine or comfort can be measured by the JOY meter and effectively removed as easily as the sweater you’ve forgotten you owned or no longer wear for whatever reason.

Staying too long... to be justified or because ingrained manners spark fear that stepping away or back will appear rude.

I’m not a fan on noisy right fighting but oh am I ever a champion for the Becoming Woman’s strength in knowing when a cycle of comfort is not for her any longer.

Knowing you’ve outgrown an situation or relationship is a beautiful thing. As I find my feet and stand shoulder to shoulder with enriching women I am inspired to jump ship or at least cast the net for the possibility of something new.

It’s time to Retire the crown.

To release settling and decide to purposefully prioritize JOY even if we don’t know what the next step is.

Often our miracle may lie beyond what is seen so we must be active in creating the space needed for it to find us.

I encourage you to cultivate an environment for Generosity and Giving.

Investigate JOY in the intangible areas of your life. Look into your stores of personal gifts and open a discovery of all you hold inside. Invite yourself to step into ALL you are Becoming and BE who you are in all areas of your one beautiful life.

What unique talents, encouragement, joy, love, compassion and kindness do YOU have to give away?

Palms Up... offer YOU and allow your hands to remain open.

Active participation, sharing Time, Happiness Encouragement and Love in your home, workplace, in the community begin ripples of expanding change.

PALMS UP... share...Generously, Recklessly, Your supply will NEVER RUN OUT.

Active, intentional goodness is the intangible Game Changer. So get naked...get real with your measure of JOY.

“Queen of Fine” no longer, shed your tiara, retire your crown.

If you determine you’re giving less than what is natural for you to share in your home, relationships, or community, stop settling and JUMP SHIP. Cast your net for another opportunity.

There is Possibility for JOY in every situation.

Embrace, acknowledge, invest in yourself and others with JOY, it’s a game changer.

Palms open... give and share.

Palms up... receive and embrace.

You are a Woman in progress and you are Becoming.

Chat soon~ Laura

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