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Burrowing In

Enough...Time out...Foul...Seriously...

Every day the multitude of interactions live or virtual, uttered in a variety of tone or flavor, are capable of sending us underground, to burrow in.

I say, grab a fist full of quarters and feed the meter.

Taking a time out ie action alone creates the separation required for clarity and calm.

Choose to burrow in and take an empowered stand to fortify your personal values.

Choose to escape a challenging situation or relationship until reason replaces reaction.

Choose to design a life which uplifts you and inspires others.

Taking an on purpose retreat motivated by fight or flight is an act of self preservation vital to your Becoming.s a beautiful BECOMING experience for our womanhood. Th

We are women in Progress and We are Becoming ~ chat soon, Laura

Continue the conversation in the comments below:

When was the last time you treated yourself to stillness and reflective peace?

When was the last time considered designing your life ~ thought, word, and action ~ on purpose with purpose?

Wanna feed the meter?

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