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Lead with your Pearly Whites

“Drop your drawers- an injection of perspective will breed freshness into the stagnant and stale.” Goddess Wisdom 12 ~ Invisible Woman

Whether you subscribe to faith or karma, one thing we can agree on is the world has a twisted sense of humor. Like a teasing preteen poking with words or actions when we’re most vulnerable, or stealthily shifting the chair seconds before we choose to sit. We’ll stare up from the flat of our back and look at our grinning bully… LIFE.

Often the showers will saturate us by linking one hardship to the next, until we’re spiraling farther into our personal pit of despair. Misery does prefer if you invite the neighbors, out-of town relatives, your 400+ social media “friends”, and make merry.

Wallow if you need to, sometimes the tormentor scores a momentary victory. But our true potency lies in how we regain our feet – React without tossing the chair or bashing with words or actions… no need to amplify our hangover. Instead, smile back! Nothing throws a tyrant off the scent of blood faster than a wide toothy grin.

Recently while minding my caloric intake, I fell off the wagon of good decision making and consumed every food group- natural and engineered – in a two hour period. As my inner mocking voice prepared her dissertation on lack of self-control, and disappointment, I found myself chuckling. It was a moment after all, not the end of days.

Marveled by my optimistic approach -a road rarely traveled when judging myself- I grinned, laughed out loud, and applauded my humanity.

The next time optimism plummets and you’re tumbling down the rabbit hole with the grace of a tutu wearing Rhino… B-R-E-A-T-H-E

There’s a trampoline at the bottom. The weight you carry, complied by the complex rate-of-descent algorithm, will propel you to newer, greater, heights!

Faults, failures, challenges, and obstacles will come, and come in droves when we’re unsuspecting.

Let’s lead with our pearly whites!

~ chat soon, Laura

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