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Catch me while you can!

"Catch me while you can!" my brain often teases.

The older I get the less I remember...

Incredible save the world concepts pop into my head while and showering, driving, while I have my hands in a soapy head at the salon...

Strokes of brilliance, these goddess wisdoms must be captured but how?

I'm prone to scribbling in journals, on bank slips, and with tech advancements, I use my memo App to dictate texts messages and emails to myself.

All in an effort to snare my brain's lightning bolt strikes of genius...insight for self, advice for a friend, rewording a fierce discussion to improve verbal banter... "Oh, if I'd only said it this way..."

Regardless keep a journal and pen handy, capture your thoughts when you can however you can.

But lead with grace... and forgive your fading ink.♡

Chat soon, Laura

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